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Our Services

Building Constructions

The BYONA CLASSIC COMPANY LTD company building construction services possess a blend of expertise, project management skills, quality craftsmanship, adherence to codes, efficient time management, transparent communication, safety consciousness, and sustainability.

Building Staffs

Behind every successful construction project stands a team of skilled professionals who bring expertise, experience, and dedication to the table. The building staff of a construction company plays a crucial role in the realization of high-quality structures, efficient project management, and client satisfaction.

Material Supply

BYONA Construction Material Supply Service has established itself as a trusted partner in the construction industry by offering a comprehensive range of quality materials, timely delivery, customized solutions, competitive pricing, sustainable practices, and exceptional customer service.


In the dynamic and complex field of construction, having access to expert guidance and consultancy services can significantly enhance project outcomes. BYONA Consultancy Service is a trusted partner in the industry, renowned for its comprehensive and tailored consultancy solutions.


BYONA Construction Architecture Service stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of architectural design. With their creative and innovative approach, comprehensive design process, sustainable practices, collaboration with clients, adherence to regulations, seamless integration with construction, and attention to detail, BYONA's architects bring architecturally.

Crane Service

In the realm of construction, the efficient and safe handling of heavy materials and equipment is essential for project success. BYONA Crane Service offers reliable and professional crane services, empowering construction projects to reach new heights.Β